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Resume: Sanja Heric

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International Development Practitioner KEY SKILLS/COMPETENCIES • Training skills to train volunteers, communities: I am a trainer in the field of sending volunteers to the countries of the Global South. I guide them and prepare them for their departure to their volunteer placement, including managing their expectations, discussing their roles, reducing cultural shock etc. I also have skills in facilitating workshops, seminars and similar. • Monitoring and evaluation skills and basic needs assessment: I performed various M&E tasks such as evaluation of Right To Play’s programmes in Burmese refugee camps. M&E of natural resource management, food facility, cash for work, livelihoods, agriculture education and rural development programmes in Northern Afghanistan. • Project Management, administration and financial skills: I applied and carried out several projects under the Youth in Action programme run by the European Commission and was involved in the whole stage of project management (funds, logistics, and contents). In my last position at International Organisation for Migration I also did a draft for in-house training on project development and project management and I did financial reporting for European Refugee Fund. Moreover, sometimes I needed to employ negotiation skills (e.g. to get reduced prices for conference food, reduced prices for hiring of venues etc). On several occasions it happened that initial plans had to be changed due to changed circumstances (e.g. changed budget or venue etc.), which I always successfully overcame and dealt with. I believe I am flexible in this regards and have sufficient experience in working under tight deadlines and pressure. Having been working in secretariat of an organisation, I am familiar with the office environment and the skills that are needed to perform successfully administrative tasks, including attention to details and accuracy. The accuracy was always especially important when doing the budget and with writing the reports. • Various analysis and methodology tools (livelihoods, capacity building, education, health etc.): Analysis of city services at the City of Cape Town, analysis of the Green Map produced by City of Cape Town. I applied livelihoods models to refugees in Thailand, capacity building trainings for refugees etc. • Participatory learning and action, community development: I did participatory methods with children and youth in refugee camps to find out about their needs, problem, daily lives etc. Analysis of developmental programmes for stimulation of community development of previously disadvantaged communities (under apartheid) in Cape Town. • Communication skills: I have always worked with people from various backgrounds and lead numerous workshops and facilitated trainings; therefore I am used to speak in public. In my previous jobs, working in developing countries as well as with people from different ethnicities, cultures, and religions gave me greater understanding for the differences, but also similarities and I can adjust the communication and work style according to that. • Experiences with working and living outside of Europe: I have been working on several continents (Europe, Asia, and Africa) and traveled extensively in Latin American and Southern African countries. I have always been in contact with people from various backgrounds (ethnic, religious, and other). For example when I was working in refugee camps in Thailand stakeholders I dealt with were Burmese and Karen refugees, Thai employees and expatriates from numerous int. organization working in the camps. In Cape Town I was working directly with 5 different ethnicities, 3 different races and various different religions as well as different officials and organization. At my work at IOM I have been in working with undocumented migrants from Africa, Asia and Latin America. I have always been in contact with people from different cultures and backgrounds and speaking several languages enables me to adapt to many different situations. I believe I am culturally sensitive and can easily but adjust to the local circumstances. • Computer skills: proficient user of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point), Outlook, WWW, SPSS- Statistical package for social sciences, Picasa • Knowledge of EU development/external policies: I have studied about EU development/external policies both in my undergrad and grad studies. Moreover, in my internship in Burmese refugee camps I have familiarize myself with various donor programmes/ aid of various international bodies, including the work of ECHO, which was active at the time in the camps. One of the chapters of my master thesis also includes evaluation of the humanitarian aid and developmental project that were implemented in refugee camps. I also regularly update myself with what is going on the field of development polices by reading online the news, reports and I also read books and articles connected to the effectiveness of development aid and other development issues. • Excellent writing and drafting skills: My job at the Peace Institute was in a nutshell a research position, where I have on the ongoing basis researched and wrote about migration policies and labour rights. I had to write academic articles and reports and I have drafted the final report for the European Commission presenting the outcomes of the project that was financed by DG for Freedom, Security and Home Affairs. Together with my colleagues in the project we also published article in the academic magazine in Slovenia and have written a chapter for the book that will be published by the University of Nicosia in Cyprus. Also my last contract was conducting a research, where I drafted, written and reported in English and give recommendations to the local government of the City of Cape Town.
Last Resume Update June 4, 2012
Degree Masters Degree
Experience 3+ to 5 Years
Category Refugees
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May 2012 - present, Kabul & Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan, People in Need
Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer - Supporting the development of Monitoring and Evaluation systems for Natural Resource Management (NRM), livelihoods, agricultural education, rural development and poverty alleviation among rural communities. Assessment of impacts of PIN’s work on beneficiaries of the programmes. Developing databases for NRM and for Agricultural education. Strengthening the internal knowledge management of the organization.

October 2011- May 2012, Self-Employed, Freelance Trainer and Consultant - Training the volunteers that are going to do their volunteer placements and internships to the countries of the Global South. Training organizations and participants in international events on human rights, empowerment and capacity building. Consultation for youth and development organizations in the field of project proposals, connecting them with project partners and I represent them in international events (e.g. seminars and trainings).

May 2011-October 2011, The Hague, The Netherlands, International Organization for Migration, Project Assistant - Working on desk research/report on “’Unaccompanied Minor Asylum Seekers in the Netherlands” Interviewing undocumented migrants in detention centre. Preparing a programme for in-house training on project development. Co-writing a project proposal for pre-departure cultural orientation of refugees resettling to the Netherlands. Training a trainer for the Family reunification project from Somalia. Assisting in “Return and Reintegration to Iraq” project proposal. Searching for funding opportunities/ donors. Co-organizing a conference and moderating a panel with the resettled refugees.

June 2010-November 2010 Cape Town, South Africa City of Cape Town, Strategy and Planning department, External Contractor - Conducting a research for the City of Cape Town on sustainable impacts of the World Cup in football and evaluation developmental programmes. Assisting with organization of conference for 70 African mayors for the launch of the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity report. General assistance in marketing and solicitation of support for the City of CT to host COP 17 Climate Change Convention. Making two assessments: a framework assessment of several City services utilized during the World Cup and an audit of several of the central business district sites depicted on the CT Green Map, (a 2010 World Cup legacy project.) I prepared Green Goal legacy workshop where I presented outcomes and recommendations of my research and I facilitated logistic planning on how to utilize World Cup legacy projects in the future.

February 2009- June 2010, Ljubljana, Slovenia The Peace Institute Researcher - Working on European Commission’s DG for Freedom, Security and Home Affairs Fund funded international project: PROSPECTS FOR INTEGRATION OF MIGRANTS FROM "THIRD COUNTRIES" AND THEIR LABOUR MARKET SITUATIONS: TOWARDS POLICIES AND ACTION. The main aim was to improve labour market situation of migrants and their integration into majority society. Main tasks: interviewing migrants, analyzing the interviews, writing reports, making recommendations for policy changes, organizing logistics connected to the project, updating the web page, advocacy work for migrants and asylum seekers.

March 2008- June 2008, Mae Sot, Thailand, Right To Play International Study Intern - I did a basic needs assessment (psychological, educational and health status) of children and youth living in Burmese refugee camps in Thailand. I did monitoring and evaluation of programmes for children and youth that were implemented by Right to Play. I researched about human rights and freedoms in the camps and I was analyzing humanitarian aid and the effectiveness of poverty alleviation programmes that were implemented by various international organizations (including UNHCR) working in the camps.

October 2001- August 2008, Ljubljana, Slovenia Youth Forum, Various - I performed various organizational and managerial duties, helped applying for funds, represented organization on international events, conducted workshops (on topics of human rights, globalization democratization, equality, youth participation, youth employment etc.) and I prepared campaigns.

October 2004- May 2007, Ljubljana, Slovenia, International Association of Political Science Students (IAPSS), Liaison Officer - I applied and carried out international exchanges of political science students and represented the organization on annual conferences and general assemblies. I was contact person between IAPSS and Slovenian national political students association.


Utrecht University, the Netherlands, Faculty of Geosciences
01.09.2007-10.11.2008 Master of Science in International Development

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Faculty of Social Sciences
01.10.2001-07.05.2007 Bachelors Degree in Political Sciences - International Relations