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Human Resource Consultant In my quest to make an even better utilisation of my professional qualifications and rich experience of more than eighteen years in the field of Human Resource Management, I seek, in my capacity as HR Consultant, opportunities for short-term assignments in this field either as Project Manager or Team member. Indeed, after having, for over twelve years, held positions of high responsibilities within the Human Resource department of various companies in different sectors in Mauritius as well as abroad and acquired a rich experience in various types of operations, approaches and cultures, I have, since October 2006, embraced a career in Human Resource Consultancy. On behalf of my company - WIMACON (Mtius) Ltd - and, on behalf of renowned firms such "de Chazal du Mée" in Mauritius, Capfor, and Accenture, I regularly conduct assignments of various kinds in the field of Resource Management in private companies, semi-public, public, and non-governmental organisations in Mauritius and in both French-speaking and English-speaking countries in Africa, since I am perfectly bilingual in these two languages. Among the missions conducted are the revision of organisational structures, the description of responsibilities and tasks, skills audits, training needs analysis, review of salary structure, and manpower planning, right-sizing exercises, voluntary retirement plans, and other human resources optimisation exercises. In short, I conduct missions aiming to substantially increase the productivity of the workforce within companies.
Last Resume Update March 28, 2012
Address Duncan Street - Souillac
Degree Masters Degree
Experience More than 15 Years
Category Human Resources
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Mid-October 2006 – to date Human Resource Consultant + Trainer – WIMACON Ltd
Working on various re-organisations projects in connection with Human Resource aspects.
Currently advising BPO companies and other organisations on Human Resource Management aspects in Mauritius.
Mid-April 2006 –
mid-October 2006 Human Resources Manager – Berjaya Le Morne Beach Resort & Casino
September 2005
mid-April 2006 Human Resource & Compliance Manager – Shibani Knitting Co. Ltd
May 1995 to September 2005 Head of the Human Resource Department - Agricultural Marketing Board
July 2003 - June 2004 Human Resources/Administration Manager – MPH Consulting Services – DUBAI
1994 - 1995 Factory Manager at Consolidated Steel Limited
1992 – 1994 Attached to the Administration Department of the Central Electricity Board

I deem it most pertinent to indicate, at the very outset, that I am holder of a BSc Management with Specialisation in Human Resource Management. Besides, I am completing a “Mastère en Administration des Entreprises”, run jointly by the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Université de Poitiers - France. I am perfectly bilingual in English and French.

I have a work experience of more than eighteen years in the field of Human Resource Management, and am a Trainer in Human Resource Management registered with the Mauritius Qualifications Authority.

1. I am completing, at end March 2012, a job and responsibilities description exercise for a newly reorganised firm, with a harmonisation of job titles, establishing a salary structure as well as bringing in a harmonisation of calculation of salary and allowances and other bonuses among the different clusters of a major organisation in Mauritius.

2. During the period December 2011 to end February 2012, I handled the entire reorganisation of a major firm facing serious economic difficulties. That required a downsizing of the workforce of the firm originally of some 650 employees, to the tune of some 34%. A combination of approaches was utilised, and intense negotiations were carried out with Trade-Unions of employees.

3. In September 2011, I participated in the review of the Organisational Structure of a major international firm based in Madagascar and also undertook a complete review of the Job Description of the various grades therein.

4. In July/August 2011, I reviewed the report of a Consultant in connection with the payment of a Productivity Bonus and brought in numerous changes and described the parameters and methodology to be adopted when calculating productivity Bonus for employees of the Central Electricity Board in Mauritius.

5. In July and August 2011, following the merger of two major organisations, which was to result to a reduction of over 50% of the human resource of the resulting entity, I was entrusted the entire responsibility of designing a Voluntary Retirement Scheme, a Compulsory Retirement Scheme, as well as the compensation aspects related thereto.

6. In May 2011, I headed a team, whose mission was to carry out a skills audit and a complete review of the organisational structure of the Court of Justice of the ECOWAS (Economic Court of Justice of West African States) in Abuja - NIGERIA. I am currently working on two assignments, namely a merger of two major firms in the field of printing and the acquisition of a press organisation by one of the leading Media Group in Mauritius.

7. I have recently established a Human Resource Management system in a major company in the Business Process Outsourcing sector.

That involved various aspects of Human Resource Management, such as manpower planning, recruitment, retention, performance appraisal, discipline, training, and application of motivation techniques, just to name a few.

I also undertook a job-description exercise for each category of employees and also designed a proper organisation chart for the company, where appropriate emphasis is being laid on flexibility and cost-minimisation.

8. During the period January 2008 to December 2010, I worked on some major projects aiming the reorganisation of the various departments and processes in a leading Media Group in Mauritius. I also set up its training School, which is shortly going regional in catering for students from the African continent.

I undertook a complete review of the various practices in place, following which I designed and implemented, after discussion with Management, a system ensuring that these were converted into written policies.

I advised on the application of various Human Resource Management tools, such as manpower planning, recruitment, retention, performance appraisal, discipline, training, and application of motivation techniques, just to name a few.

A more scientific organisational structure was designed with proper allocation of responsibilities. That was followed by a right-sizing exercise, which resulted to a reduction of some 9% of the workforce at different levels.

I prepared a proper job-description for each category of employees, and advised on an empowerment philosophy. Many non-monetary incentives were introduced. There has so far been a reduction of the remuneration bill to the tune of 8%.

I also designed and implemented a properly locally and overseas blended training programme for all the categories of employees, and conducted some of the Human Resource related topics.

9. For the period mid-October 2006 to date, I am working as Human Resource Consultant at WIMACON Ltd, and provide my services to different companies within different sphere of activities.

10. Prior to this, I worked for six months - mid-April 2006 to mid-October 2006 as Human Resources Manager at Berjaya Le Morne Beach Resort & Casino, where I reported directly to the General Manager. The organisation had a workforce of three hundred and eighty, (380).

At Berjaya Le Morne Beach Resort & Casino, I carried out, within a period of less than two months, a Training Need Analysis. A major training programme, covering more than seventy percent of the workforce of the hotel, followed that assessment. Moreover, I initiated a Knowledge Management process, by putting in writing various procedures for the different departments and sections, and by organising regular cross-departmental meetings.

I was entrusted the entire responsibility to prepare and submit to the Head-Office of Berjaya Le Morne Beach Resort in Malaysia, through the Chief Executive Officer, a report on the most reasonable option to adopt for the organisation and the employees during renovation, which was going to last some nine months.

11. Prior to my joining here, I worked for seven months – period Mid-September 2005 to mid-April 2006 - as Human Resource & Compliance Manager at Shibani Knitting Co. Ltd - Shibani Group, where I reported directly to the Managing Director. The organisation consisted of a workforce of one thousand four hundred and forty-five (1445), out of whom fifty-five (55) were at Supervisory and Management level.

At Shibani Knitting Co. Ltd, I had, in my combined role as Human Resource & Compliance Manager, two main sets of responsibilities. As Compliance Manager, I had to ensure that the operations and practices within the organisation complied with the various principles and systems of bodies, such as ISO - International Organisation for Standardisation, and WRAP (United-States) – Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production, with which the organisation is affiliated. I chaired the WRAP Committee, and successfully led the organisation towards obtaining the WRAP Certification.

In my role as Human Resource Manager, I was entirely responsible for ALL aspects pertaining to human resource management of the organisation. I ensured that the human resource policy of the organisation was met through the application of the various human resource management tools, such as manpower planning, recruitment, retention, performance appraisal, discipline, training, and application of motivation techniques, just to name a few. In view of my thorough knowledge of the Labour Laws of Mauritius, I handled all matters pertaining to discipline, dealing with the Ministry of Labour & Industrial Relations, the Industrial Relations Commission, and the Industrial Court.

During my short stay at Shibani Knitting Co. Ltd, I reviewed its organisation structure and its mode of operation, and put several of its administration procedures in writing. I also embarked the organisation into a major training programme - «TOTAL PRODUCTIVITY & QUALITY MANAGEMENT» - worth more than one million and two hundred thousand rupees.

I outsourced two of its major non-core activities, namely the Security Services and the Cleaning Services. Moreover, I put into operation a modern clocking system, which reduced the enormous paperwork and wage calculations undertaken by the Wage Section. I also revived the Work Council and the Safety and Health Committee of the organisation, and set up a Welfare Committee.

12. I also worked as Head of the Human Resource Department of the Agricultural Marketing Board (AMB) for a period of nine years, - May 1995 to Mid–September 2005, (with a break of one year July 2003 - June 2004). There as well, I was reporting directly to the General Manager of the organisation.

In 1998, I designed and implemented a right-sizing exercise, and reviewed the organisational structure of the AMB. Those reduced the workforce by seventeen percent and concurrently lead to a more horizontal structure. That rendered the decision-making process quicker and more rational, and resulted to a substantial reduction of expenses linked to salary.

In 1997 and 2002, I had the entire responsibility to prepare the Pay and Grading Structures and Schemes of Service for the various categories of employees of the AMB for submission to the Pay Research Bureau.

In addition to the above responsibilities, the AMB entrusted me the responsibility to act, for four years, as Secretary to the Board of Directors of the AMB. I also acted as Public Relations Officer of the organisation.

13. For the period July 2003 to June 2004, I worked as Administration/Human Resource Manager in an international outsourcing firm based in Dubai. There, I was directly involved in the sourcing of highly qualified and experienced Engineers and Technicians from all over the world for specific missions on oil rigs and/or oil-drilling areas in different countries. That consisted of screening of Curriculum Vitae, discussing rates of pay with the short-listed candidates, and submitting final list to the various Clients in the oil and gas industry hiring the services of the company for which I worked for.

14. At the dawn of my career in the field of Human Resource Management, I worked for one year as Factory Manager at Consolidated Steel Limited.

There, I was in charge of the whole of the administration part of the undertaking. That involved supervision of incoming raw materials, their safekeeping, and ensuring proper stock management.

Planning, together with the Mills Engineer, the production schedule as per requirements of Clients. Supervising sale and delivery of the finished products, and liasing with he Accountant of the company for receipts and payments. In charge of human resource activities of the organisation.

I always endeavour to adopt a style of Human Resource Management, which is consistent with the culture of the organisation for which I work. Through teamwork with the different Managers and various partners of the organisation, I actively participate towards its smooth running and to the achievement of its objectives.


1980 School Certificate – UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE
1983 Higher School Certificate – UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE
1987 Certificate in Business Studies (Merit)
1993 Diploma in Personnel Management
1997 Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française – FRANCE
1998 Diplôme de Relations Publiques (Excellent) – FRANCE
2001 BSc (Hons) Management - Specialisation in Human Resource Management
2010 ISO 14000 Lead Auditor Training Course

2012 Completing a Mastère en Administration des Entreprises - FRANCE
I am perfectly bilingual in English and French