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Ngo Jobs

If you are looking for ngo jobs your found the perfect site. Every day we publish around 50 jobs realted to ngo jobs and un jobs (United Nations jobs).

How do you qualify for ngo jobs?

  • Studies of International Development, International Politics
  • Technical Study like water management, social management, or legal studies
  • Experience in development aid
  • Experience in peace building
  • Experience in disaster regions
  • Abroad and oversees experience
  • Speak multiple language, preferable English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese
  • Willingness to travel, stay abroad for at a least 1-2 years
  • Willingness to live in harsh conditions
  • Hands on mentality and being able to think outside the box
  • Ability to adapt to different lifestyles and ways of conducting business

If you fulfill some or in the best case a lot of these points you will be able to get a job in international development aid. This can be for an international ngo or the United Nations.

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