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Curriculum developer for the creation of an online course on diversion in juvenile justice and children’s rights

Company Name
International Juvenile Justice Observatory
Location 50 rue Mercelis, Belgium
Date Posted August 8, 2017
Category Justice
Job Type Consultant
Duration 6 months
Closing date for applications 8/14/2017
Experience Required 5+ years


Terre des hommes –together with Brave Phone (Croatia), Program for the Development of the Judicial System (Bulgaria), Defence for Children International (Belgium), International Juvenile Justice Observatory (IJJO) (Belgium), Terre des hommes Helvetia (Romania), The Global Network for Public Interest Law PILNET (Hungary)– is implementing an EU-funded project (‘AWAY’) on the issue of diversion within the area of juvenile justice.
Diversion is a way of channeling of children in conflict with the law away from judicial proceedings towards a different way of resolving the issue that enables many - possibly most - to be dealt with by judicial or non-judicial bodies, thereby avoiding the negative effects of formal judicial proceedings and a criminal record. It can start before the arrest and proceed until the final disposition, ideally should start as soon as possible depending on national legislation. Diversion can have restorative and welfare parts and may involve measures based on the principles of restorative justice while diversion and restorative justice are two different concepts; diversion options do not necessarily “restore the harm caused”, i.e. warning can be taken as a diversion method as well . Restorative justice is a way of responding to criminal behavior by balancing the needs of the community, the victims and the offenders .
The general aim of the project is to promote the use of diversion in order to have, in practice, a child friendly approach in juvenile justice system. To address these challenges, the project will involve research and develop empirical evidence – based on diversion – to provide support to multidisciplinary professionals and better equip them in the use of diversion mechanisms.
Building on the research findings, AWAY project aims to implement online (e-learning training, webinar) and offline training modules (local learning events) on child-friendly practices in the area of diversion. The training modules will be available in French, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Croatian, in addition to English and will be delivered through the ChildHub platform, as well as through the International School of Juvenile Justice -IJJO’s platform of online learning-. The project’s value at European level lays in developing easily accessible, evidence-based, widely available, transferable, user-friendly and free-of-charge e-learning materials in local languages that can be adaptable within different contexts across the European region. The modules will be delivered through self-directed tools, complemented by webinars, closed tutorial sessions and individual coaching sessions.
The multidisciplinary e-learning materials will be developed by curriculum developer experts. Individuals or teams of experts are welcome to apply. We are looking for European experts specialised in juvenile justice and particularly on diversion measures with a proven experience in curriculum development and training. Selected experts will be working home based; the duration of the assignment is six months, starting from September, 2017.
Deadline: August 25th.
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