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Business Support Office Senior Managers (x2)

Company Name
Gavi Alliance Global Immunization Supply Chain Collaboration
Location Geneva/ Copenhagen, Denmark
Date Posted July 19, 2018
Category Country Representative
Job Type Consultant
Duration Sept 2018 - December 2020
Closing date for applications 8/3//2018
Experience Required 10+ years


Business Support Office Senior Managers (x2)
Gavi Alliance Global Immunization Supply Chain Collaboration

Position Summary

The Business Support Office Senior Managers together will support the coordination of partners to deliver the Gavi Alliance Global Immunization Supply Chain Strategy for the remaining period (present - end of 2020).

The two Business Support Office Senior Managers together will be responsible for:
 Supporting the Immunization Supply Chain strategy by “leading from behind”, positioning themselves in service of iSC² Gavi Alliance partners as a neutral entity
 Facilitating steering committee and working group meetings and calls, coordinated planning and action, and fostering a culture of learning
 Drawing connections across the effort and between the effort’s work and other initiatives in the global health space
 Overseeing the project management and sustainability of the internal coordination infrastructure

The Senior Managers will deliver on these responsibilities by working closely with, and in service to, the supply chain partners who are accountable for achieving the Gavi Alliance 2020 Immunization Supply Chain Strategy Target. Responsibilities will be equally divided between the two Senior Managers based on competencies and skill sets. The Senior Managers will engage with various Immunization Supply Chain Steering Committee members on a near-daily basis. To leverage the internal systems of core partners, it is anticipated that one Senior Manager will be located in Copenhagen, at the UNICEF Supply Division offices and one will be located in Geneva, at the the Gavi Secretariat offices.

Immunization Supply Chain Strategy Coordination Overview

The 2015-2020 Gavi Alliance Immunization Supply Chain Strategy has a goal of significantly increasing the average Effective Vaccine Management (EVM) benchmark of Gavi’s 68 countries by the end of 2020, thereby improving immunization supply chain performance broadly, and facilitating gains in coverage and equity for children and families in the world’s poorest countries. A consortium of eight partner organizations (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHA), John Snow Inc. (JSI), Gavi Secretariat, PATH, UNICEF, VillageReach, World Health Organization (WHO) have participated as members of the Immunization Supply Chain Steering Committee (iSC²) in order to provide strategic input and oversight, monitoring, and coordination around the global strategy.

The Senior Managers will provide the Business Support Office (BSO) activities to support this effort. They will represent a neutral body that provides on-going support to the partners involved in the collaboration. The BSO provides the connective tissue among the following partners involved in advancing the strategy:
 The Immunization Supply Chain Steering Committee (iSC²), which is comprised of immunization supply chain experts and leaders that help to guide the vision and overall strategies of the effort
 The working groups/sub-committees, which are comprised of technical and country-based experts that develop specific technical guidance, work products and coordinate more deeply on specific topics and/or places in order to advance the immunization supply chain strategy
 The wider global health ecosystem, linking as needed to relevant teams within partner organizations, (e.g., Gavi Secretariat, UNICEF, The Hub) and other relevant stakeholders (e.g., Interagency Supply Chain Group (ISG)), in order to raise awareness of iSC strategy and iSC²’s work and seek out opportunities for driving alignment and synergies that advance the iSC goals. Senior Manager


The role of the Senior Managers collectively will be to perform the following functions [specific division of responsibilities will be based on an assessment of candidates that progress to later rounds of the process]:
- Provide strategic leadership support
- Support the co-chairs and iSC² to drive the effort’s overarching strategy and long term goals, recognizing patterns and challenges1
- Support the co-chairs and iSC² to monitor the effort’s progress to ensure goals are met
- Support partners to align their work to the effort’s goal and strategies
- Organize and facilitate in-person and virtual discussions
- Demonstrate strong facilitation skills and a creative mix of approaches to large group discussions
- Bring experience in managing multiple stakeholders and facilitating diverse groups to consensus
- Drive agenda and material creation for quarterly Steering Committee meetings
- Develop agendas, facilitate and document working group meetings
- Serve as a neutral, impartial leader
- Serve a goal that is Gavi Alliance-wide, not organization specific, as a neutral, listening, and reflective party
- Promote inclusivity, create safe spaces for difficult conversations and represent the needs of all stakeholders where relevant
- Build relationships with critical partners
- Utilize strong interpersonal skills to foster relationships amongst the iSC² and working group partners and build trust among and between partners
- Build and utilize understanding of partner / system dynamics alongside an appreciation for organizational constraints
- Identify and build partnerships with relevant actors to achieve the effort’s goals and strategies
- Use data to drive decision making
- Support the co-chairs and iSC² to identify information (both qualitative and quantitative) required to make decisions (e.g., grants analysis; EVM analysis)
- In partnership with Gavi Secretariat and UNICEF, oversee and engage in quality analysis to understand opportunities, translate strategic and implementation implications as needed (e.g., using DISC indicators; Gavi Secretariat grants data)
- Provide project management support
- Provide input and oversight to work group implementation plans
- Support the co-chairs and iSC² by managing an overall iSC² workplan for effort at all levels, including planning and implementation of coordinated work efforts (e.g., Supply Chain Strategic Focus Area Proposals)
- Build internal infrastructure
- Oversee daily operations, including communicating challenges, opportunities, and achievements to appropriate audiences
- Provide support for the governance and other internal processes
- Manage the effort’s administrative systems, including the knowledge management system, contact management system, administrative processes, and other support functions

Ideal Experience, Education, and Traits

 Dedication to improving access to new, existing and underused vaccines for children living in the world’s poorest countries
 Bachelor’s degree
 Fluency in English
 5-7 years of experience demonstrating a portion of the above skills/capabilities and delivering results, of which 2-3 years should be at a senior or executive level
 Ability to “lead from behind” - comfortable working in service of iSC2 partners, not as the center of the Gavi Alliance partnership
 Experience in demonstrating neutrality/impartiality to ensure participation and input from across partners
 Strong facilitation skills, including managing multiple stakeholders and facilitating diverse groups to consensus
 Facility in quantitative analyses, using excel
 Strong project management skills, including the ability to coordinate multiple workstreams and draft and disseminate key communications pieces in a timely manner
 Understanding of the global health architecture and the major relationships between multilateral, bilateral, private funders and normative and implementing agencies
 Comfort with work planning and managing multiple priorities in a context of change and ambiguity and adapting to changing needs or momentum
 Understanding of major immunization/immunization supply chain issues
 Ability to work independently, exercise appropriate action, diplomacy and good judgment
 Master’s degree
 Fluency in French

How to Apply

Compensation package will be commensurate with experience. Please send your current resume and a cover letter by Friday 3rd August 2018.

Reference Materials Laura Herman et al, (2014), Shaping Global Partnerships for a Post-2015 World, Stanford Social Innovation Review, FSG: and
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