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Linda Aines is an independent recruiter that specializes in International Development and foreign projects.  Her clientele are US contractors to USAID, ADB, DFID, or contractors to other large Donor organizations,  or other govt entities that receive funding and  implement projects in various countries…all are in the International Development sector.  They sub-contract with  Aines International to find experts or specialists they need and to reach out to Aines’ networks which now stretch across the globe.

Aines International is now offering a resume reformatting service.  (For those who want it, a small prepaid fee of $230 will be charged, via PayPal or similar Quick Pay system.)  However, Aines still encourages anyone to reformat their own CV for free and to avail themselves of the  advice  that is freely given about CV/Resumes on the Aines International website.  To obtain the resume reformatting, just send an email to and request the service.

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How to Have a Better Resume for International Development Job Applications

How to Have a Better Resume for International Development Job Applications

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