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Alanna Shaikh is a global health and development professional with a vendetta against jargon. On her blog, Blood and Milk, she aims to make global development issues both accessible and understandable. In her TED Book, What's Killing Us, she explains the biggest challenges in global wellness -- from HIV/AIDS to the diminishing effectiveness of antibiotics -- in a way that anyone can understand. Earlier this year, she co-founded AidSource, a social network for aid workers. She is also the co-founder of the group SMART Aid, which educates donors and start-up projects about international aid.

Lillian Gu is an international development professional with a passion for global health. She assists Alanna in administering the International Development Careers List. She previously worked as an Program Evaluation Coordinator at the Duke Developing World Healthcare Technology Laboratory. She speaks English, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. She is currently seeking job opportunities

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Developing Skills for International Development work – Part 2

Developing Skills for International Development work – Part 2

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Developing Skills for International Development work – Part 1

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